Friday, Week 3

January 24, 2020

Students worked on their essays. Here are the directions I put on the board:


1. Get out these resources:

a) Essay assignment sheet (There is a correction to make. On the bottom of the page, #3--You MAY use first person pronouns. Just don't use second person (you, your, yours).

b) Sample essay and paragraph (Poe essay, "A Rose for Emily" paragraph from yesterday)

c) Textbook


2. Accomplish these tasks:

a) Choose one story and one theme (point, lesson, idea).

b) Decide which literary devices show (or add to) the theme you've chosen.

c) Find text evidence. Decide if you want to quote it or paraphrase.


Don't worry about the introductory paragraph yet. We'll discuss this part on Monday.

Don't worry about commentary for the body yet. We'll discuss this part on Tuesday.

Don't worry about the Works Cited yet. We'll discuss this part on Wednesday.


For now, write the body paragraphs except for commentary.




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