Wed., Thurs., and Fri., Week 15

November 20, 2019

Wednesday--Students worked on their argumentative essays. They also submitted their completed planning sheets for the essay, thesis statement included. Please finish your planning sheet and hand it to me first thing the Monday after Thanksgiving.


Thursday--I was out today. Students critiqued a pretty bad essay I found on the internet. :) There's nothing you can make up here, since you don't have a copy of the essay.


Friday--I was out today. Students completed a fun-ish Thanksgiving activity for five extra points on their irregular verb quiz. If your absence on Friday is excused or a school absence, then on Monday you may get this handout from me and complete it overnight for the same five extra points. But you have to ask me for it. :) 


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! If you have time and want to work on your argumentative essay, then by all means do so. But don't forget the importance of family time and rest.

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