Tuesday, Week 9

October 8, 2019

The BIG midterm grammar exam is just two days away. I hope you're studying all the grammar handouts, the DLP notebook, this website's resources under the Handouts, Etc., tab, and the pronoun packet I distributed on Monday. Here are the pages in the packet that'll be covered on the exam:


* page 191--halfway down is a general explanation of pronouns. You don't have to memorize the various kinds, but do read through the lists to understand this part of speech.

*page 252--the list of possessive pronouns. They do NOT contain apostrophes. Also note the paragraph under the lists. It talks about uses of -self and -selves pronouns.

*page 258--the first half of the page defines antecedents and how they relate to pronouns.

*page 259--At the bottom of the page you'll find a list of singular and plural pronouns. You'll need to know which is which for the exam. (Don't worry about the middle list of pronouns that can be singular or plural.) Note that many singular pronouns end in -one,-body, or -thing. These pronouns must match their antecedents. For example, look at this sentence:


A) Everyone in the bleachers yelled (their, his) loudest. The answer is HIS because it must match the antecedent EVERYONE which is singular.

B) No one likes to be told that (he, their) is stupid. The answer is HE because it must match the antecedent NO ONE which is singular.


PS--DLP #17 is as follows: My grade in Algebra II is lower than my average in Social Studies. The correction is the Social Studies should be lower case. The only courses which are capitalized are those with numbers after them and languages.


Tomorrow we'll review on more time. I hope to see you in class.

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